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Souls In Clothes



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This inspired piece is designed to highlight your individuality and wrap you in comfort and sophistication.

With its subtle play of shapes and details, this cardigan is inspired by the boldness of fashion and the desire for unconventional expressions. The large hood adds a dose of mystery and lightness to the look, while the baggy pockets add functionality and sophistication to the stylish asymmetry.

The front of the cardigan is even more intriguing thanks to the elegantly placed slits. They break traditional outlines and create a dynamic contrast that gives the model its own uniqueness. The slits not only add an extravagant look but also add to the functionality of the waistcoat as they can be tied and used as a belt to accentuate your waist as desired.

But that's not all. The asymmetric hem of the vest is another clean accent that accentuates the lines of your body and adds to the sense of movement and lightness in the look. The fitted silhouette ensures that this cardigan will be worn with pride and style.

Made of acrylic soft knit, this cardigan offers a gentle touch to your skin and a pleasant wearing feeling. With the combination of comfort, functionality and sophistication, this designer asymmetric cardigan is an indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of anyone who strives for a stylish and individual look. Complete your collection with this model and enjoy the perfect balance between modernity and comfort.

● The model is 5,9"( 175sm)
● The model is a M

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