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Souls In Clothes



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Intriguing, comfortable and extremely stylish, the short linen cotton kimono is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. This homemade short robe is designed to give you a sense of relaxation and luxury wherever you are.

This kimono offers endless possibilities - use it as a spa or bath robe to enjoy peace and comfort after a busy day. But don't limit your imagination to just the home! This short linen kimono can also be worn as a modern jacket or jacket, complementing your style with freshness and elegance.

With its front pockets, you can easily keep your essentials close at hand. And tying it with a belt gives the kimono a delicate and sophisticated finish. The model is a "hug me" type that gives your figure a beautiful contour and expresses confidence and style.

The plunging neckline and wide kimono sleeves create grace and a sense of lightness while giving you freedom of movement. This short robe is a true multi-functional top that will give you the opportunity to feel beautiful and comfortable in any situation.

Don't give up the elegance and comfort you deserve. Feel special and satisfied with this short linen cotton linen kimono that will captivate you with its uniqueness and sophistication.

  • Model is 175 cm /5'9''
  • The model is M

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