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Souls In Clothes



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This elegant women's dress exudes modern chic and offers practicality all in one. It is made of high-quality acrylic knit, which makes it soft and comfortable to wear on cold days. With its original trapezoid shape and innovative design, this sukman is suitable for both formal and more spontaneous events.

With side pockets, a built-in belt and the ability to tie both the front and back, this suit gives you the ability to customize your style. The upper part resembles an oval and has slits for the arms, which give the cloth a unique and modern look.

This dress can be worn both as a dress for a bolder style, in combination with leggings and a polo, and as a finishing touch to more formal outfits. It is practical and comfortable for your everyday life, while giving you individuality and style. Even in boring everyday situations, this sukman will easily turn every day into a more exciting adventure.

● The model is 5,9"( 175sm)
● The model is a M
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