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Souls In Clothes



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Looking for a unique and stylish maxi linen dress to stand out from the crowd? Here is an original balloon dress that will surely attract the attention of everyone around you. It is designed with comfort and convenience in mind and has several interesting details.

First, the dress has pockets in the side seams, which is convenient for storing essentials such as keys or a mobile phone without having to carry an extra bag.

Second, it has a dropped shoulder with a loose sleeve that gives the dress a casual and modern look. It's perfect for summer days when you're looking for lightness and freedom of movement.If you wish, you can also use the large hood of the dress, which is an additional accent and at the same time offers protection from the sun after a long day at the beach. This is extremely useful if you want to protect your hair and skin from excessive sunlight.

The dress is suitable for various summer walks and will help you feel fresh and comfortable all day long. It is the perfect choice for visiting the market, shopping or for a romantic walk in the park.

The gathered front and back below the bust give the dress a feminine and elegant look. This makes it suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special occasions. If you are pregnant or just want to hide some flaws on your body, this dress will help you feel comfortable and confident.

All this makes this maxi linen dress an ideal choice for modern women who are looking for something original, comfortable and stylish. Wear it with pride and enjoy every moment as you capture the attention of those around you.

  • Model is 5'9″ (175cm) tall
  • The model is M
  • Material Linen

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