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Souls In Clothes



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Looks like you know exactly what you're looking for - a warm, soft and comfortable dress for the cold weather. Let me introduce you to our impressive long quilted dress with large hood. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for the season!

This dress is designed to keep you warm even on the coldest of days. The quilted material provides excellent warmth, while the soft fabric provides a sense of comfort. But not only that, it is also extremely practical.

With the large hood and long sleeves, the dress protects your whole body from the cold. The large front pocket is perfect for storing keys, phone or other essentials without having to carry a bag.

One of the best things about this dress is that you can even wear it over your pajamas. So you can wake up in the cold morning, throw on the dress and run to the nearest store without the need to dress in multiple layers. It is just perfect for spontaneous walks.

This long quilted dress with a large hood is super practical and a stylish option for your everyday walks. No matter if you are enjoying a cozy walk in the park or on your way to work, the dress will provide you with comfort and style.

Don't miss the opportunity to add this versatile dress to your wardrobe and enjoy its warmth and comfort on cold days.

  • The model is 5,9"( 175sm)
  • The model is a M
  • Material: Cotton


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