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Souls In Clothes



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Introducing our sophisticated sukman, which is a combination of style, comfort and summer elegance. This linen long dress will dazzle you with its beauty and comfort. Crafted with attention to detail, this romper features a paneled front and criss-cross back straps that add a sophisticated accent to the look.

With clear front pockets and an elasticated waist, this suit offers practicality and functionality. Featuring a set under the placket at the front, the sukman takes on a slightly flared shape that adds volume and a rich look. Fastening with large coconut buttons adds a natural charm and signifies attention to aesthetics.
The modestly cut skirt of the dress gives grace and femininity, without the bulk of the fabric, which provides all-day comfort. This apron is perfect for the summer months as it is made of linen fabric that offers a breathable and cool feel. It is light and comfortable to wear, made to give you pleasure and comfort in every everyday moment.

With this sukman you can express your individuality and style, combining it with a tank or blouse of your choice. Whether you're out and about during the day or at a special event in the evening, this dress is the perfect addition to your outfit, complementing your taste and sense of fashion.You will definitely catch the attention of everyone around you with this stylish summer accent.

Choose our long linen robe and enjoy the impeccable comfort, elegance and high quality it offers.

  • Model is 5'9″ (175cm) tall.
  • The model is M
  • Material LINEN 100%

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