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Souls In Clothes



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Introducing the bubble midi skirt - a perfect combination of style, modernity and comfort. This skirt features a sophisticated design and interesting details that make it an ideal choice for a youthful and extravagant look.

The front of the skirt is equipped with rectangular pockets that give the skirt an expressive and functional look. It also has hidden side pockets for practicality and convenience.

The waist of the skirt is elastic, which ensures a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day. This element provides easy dressing and freedom of movement.

There is an oval slit in the front of the skirt which adds an exciting accent and adds extra chic to the overall look.

To achieve the balloon shape, the skirt is completed with a drawstring at the hem. This rope allows the skirt to be easily gathered and shaped into the characteristic balloon shape. This element gives additional uniqueness to the skirt and makes it an ideal choice for those who value unique and innovative fashion solutions.

Made from light and comfortable polyester, this skirt is super lightweight, the fabric gives the skirt a sophisticated and modern look.

● The model is 5’9″ (175cm) tall
● The model is a M
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