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Souls In Clothes



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Introducing the perfect Soleil Back Tunic Dress - a true work of art woven into the Gothic style. This dress is a combination of two exceptional types of fabrics - punto milano fabric and soleil, which harmonize in a magnificent way.

The emphasis of this model is placed on the back, where the sole exudes sophistication and grace. With a ruched cut and fitted, long sleeves, this dress can be worn as a tunic, paired with leggings or skinny jeans. Not only does it offer an elegant style, but it also provides convenience, thanks to the practical side pockets.

This tunic dress is the perfect solution for cool summer evenings, but it's also suitable for other seasons. The asymmetry in the hem and the elongated back give dynamism and sophistication to the model, which can be used as a party dress. A small panel has been added at the top of the back that flows into the sole, creating an even more stunning effect. A round neckline completes the sophisticated look of this tunic dress.
  • The model is 5’9″ (175cm) tall
  • The model is a M


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