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Souls In Clothes



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This long sweater-dress is a true jewel of a soft and delicate knit that hugs your body in comfort and style. Featuring long sleeves that offer a unique style and comfort option - thumbholes allow you to wear them however you like.

The silhouette of this dress is straight and simple, but with an intriguing accent - the long slits that extend from the waist down. These slits not only give a unique and fashionable look to the dress, but also optically elongate the look, making you taller and more stylish.

The high collar of this sweater dress is soft and broken, creating a cozy feeling of comfort while adding sophistication to the overall look. It is designed so that it does not obstruct your face, allowing you to open it more or less according to your preference. This sweater-dress is perfect for stylish and cozy moments, combining comfort and fashion in one.
● The model is 5,9"( 175sm)
● The model is a M
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